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Michele Weiner-Davis

One or Two-Day Personal Intensives with Michele

If you truly want to transform your marriage, visit Michele in her Boulder, Colorado office. Michele will meet with you and your spouse from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. where you will have her undivided attention. She is highly experienced in working with people who have given up and have become hopeless about their relationships. No marital problem is too severe or too long-standing for Michele to find seeds of hope and solutions. Her speciality is working with couples who have "done everything" without good results. Couples who work with Michele feel that their experience has given them tools that last a lifetime.

There is another reason couples work with Michele. When one spouse refuses to work on mending the marriage, Michele has helped both partners to gain clarity on what has transpired in their marriage in the hopes that the same mistakes will not be repeated in the future. Although close to 50% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second and 75% of third marriages end in divorce. That's because people often don't learn from their mistakes. Gaining perspective and understanding of what has happened in one's marriage can go a long way to offer closure and healing.

Additionally, when children are involved, it is essential that people learn how to collaboratively co-parent regardless of what happens in the marriage. This can only happen when spouses make peace with each other. These intensive sessions offer guidance.

The bottom line is this, regardless of what happens to your marriage, since this is the biggest and most important decision you will ever make in your life, you have to feel certain that you've left no stone unturned. This experience with Michele will allow you to feel certain that you've done what you can to find any potential solutions to difficult marital situations.

For more information about fees or regarding any questions you or your spouse might have, feel free to call 303-444-7004 or email info@divorcebusting.com.

Here's what people have to say about their personal intensives with Michele:

In short I can no way truly express my gratitude. You truly saved our marriage. Things are better than we ever remember them to be, even our first blissful year of marriage. The last two weeks have been absolutely amazing; we are both finally in tune with each other’s needs and desires.

Our kids are doing amazing and are behaving much better without the bad influence from mom and dad. My wife and I have just concluded a long cold winter in our relationship and we now have the tools to keep our lives on the right path. I consider myself a very intelligent and capable person and I am still dumbfounded how we landed ourselves in the position of entering divorce. We were in a vicious circle and I was not able to break our relationship out of it. In some ways we were making things much more complicated than what they needed to be.

Your two day intensive simplified everything for us and gave us the basic tools needed to succeed. It is amazing the things that we learned in those two days and what a dramatic difference it has made in our life. As you know my wife moved out, filed for divorce and was not looking in any other direction. The first weekend back after the trip to your office we truly made amends and were both back under the same roof. LIFE IS GREAT. If I could recommend something to your other clients, come and do the two days. We truly needed the full two days, at the end of day one we still had great apprehension and unresolved issues. While it may seem expensive you are actually saving money, because what normally takes years to work through can be resolved in two days with the continuity of your program. I cannot thank you enough, we owe you so much.


Kenneth Peterson

My plane was delayed leaving Denver but it worked out just fine.  I felt imbued with a new vitality after leaving your office.  In any event, it was like a shot of B12 for my mood. It was so good to have met with you, to be heard and to have you acknowledge all the work that I have been doing and that I will continue to do.

It must be incredibly satisfying to help all the couples that do respond well to their therapy sessions with you. Keep up this valuable service that you provide.  You truly do save lives and families and make it possible for children to have different lives then if their parents would divorce. I am reminded of an office mate who told me that he wanted to be an doctor but when his parents divorced there just wasn't enough money for him to attend the school he wanted. I am sorry for how this passion in you came about because of your parents' divorce but know what truly incredible work you are doing and the hope that you provide.  You are an angel.


Tom Hogan from Ontario


I can't believe it has almost been a year since we saw you. Susan and I have come full circle and are doing really well. I feel as though we beat the odds. I'm so thankful to have my family back. At times it still hurts but I just try to focus on today and the future and not look back on those horribly dark days of 2006. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to come see you and spend 2 days with you. Thank you for all you have done, not only for us but for everyone out there who needs your expertise and direction. I hope you are doing well. Life is once again happy! Thank you Michelle!

PT from Bangor, ME

"There is no required class for being a husband/wife or parent. It's too bad that we aren't taught  these things when we are younger or before we are married. I'm quite sure that if I knew a lot of the things that I know now, my spouse and I would have been on a different path. Michele was able to help us learn how to be in a marriage together. Being at the brink of divorce, Michele's help was invaluable and clearly saved my marriage." KD from Manhattan, NY

While in the midst of some very unexpected marital woes, I stumbled upon Michele's book 'The Divorce Remedy'. This book was far superior to any other I had read up to that point. After reading most of it ( I couldn't put it down) I called her office to inquire about any upcoming seminars. I was informed that there were no seminars scheduled but that I could come to Boulder for a two-day intensive counseling with Michele. My wife agreed to go and we booked the soonest flight out. I was very nervous because I felt this was our last hope. If this didn't work, I'm not sure anything would. I felt I needed to make every attempt possible to save my marriage. I didn't want to have any regrets.

Well, let me tell you, Michele was just what was needed. Let me explain why I feel this was so successful.  Michele was able to get every issue on the table right away so she could begin giving us the tools to repair it. We were completely focused on why we were there. There were no external forces, i.e. kids, friends, places, phones, etc. I look back on the once a week sessions that we had been attending  with a local counselor prior to coming to see Michele and realized that we hadn't made much progress at all. My wife and I both agreed that after going to see Michele, we accomplished more with her in two days than we could have in a year or more, if at all, with any other method. Our marriage is mending, going to see Michele was the critical first step. I am so grateful that we went. I'm so glad that Michele was available to us. She is a wonderful person that truly cares about people and saving marriages. Don't waste anymore time, put away your pride and selfishness and go see Michele. She will guide you and give you useful tools that work so you can have a happy and fulfilling marriage. Thank you Michele for all you've done for us! I will be forever grateful!  David, Phoenix, AR

For more information about fees or regarding any questions you or your spouse might have, feel free to call 303-444-7004 or email info@divorcebusting.com


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