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The Divorce Busting® Center

Michele Weiner-Davis offers a variety of services through The Divorce Busting® Center in Boulder, Colorado

  • Michele Weiner-Davis #3091
  • 4985 Moorhead Ave.
  • Boulder, Colorado, 80305

For calls within the US, the telephone number is 800-664-2435. International callers, please call 303-444-7004

Save my marriage? We can help. Call 1.800.664.2435.

Divorce Busting® Resources

One-day or two-day personal intensive sessions with Michele Weiner-Davis

If your marriage is in a real crisis, you will be interested in learning more about Michele's one-day or two-day private intensive sessions. You will meet with Michele from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. with a break for lunch. Couples who attend these sessions say that the experience truly changed their marriages. Call Virginia Peeples for information- 800-664-2435 or 303-444-7004, or email

Speaking Events

Michele is a much sought-after speaker offering top-notch keynotes, seminars and workshops on various topics. Because of her dynamic, inspirational and entertaining style, she consistently receives rave reviews wherever she goes. Fortune 500 companies, religious organizations, the military, universities, parenting organizations, adult education, wellness groups, professional agencies and mental health organizations are frequent sponsors of these informative and life-transforming seminars. For information on booking Michele please contact Virginia Peeples at 303-444-7004 or 800-664-2435 or email

Divorce Busting® Therapy

When you come to The Divorce Busting® Centers in Boulder, Colorado or Woodstock, Illinois we have one thing in mind- to help you create a more loving relationship with your spouse. No problem is too big or, for that matter, too small, for us. We offer short term, goal-oriented therapy based on Michele Weiner-Davis' book, Divorce Busting. Therapy is aimed at finding immediate resolutions to relationship problems rather than assigning blame and analyzing things to death. For that reason, Divorce Busting® therapy generally takes considerably less time than conventional methods. Most people attend three to six sessions. However, every situation varies and some people require more time to find the answers they need. The therapists at our center are skilled at helping people improve their marriages even if only one partner participates! This is an important difference between Divorce Busting® therapy and more traditional approaches. We're convinced that we can be helpful even if your spouse is more than halfway out the door. As we see it, it's never too late. After your visit to The Divorce Busting® Center, you'll have a plan and you'll feel more prepared to do what it takes to turn things around at home. We will support you through the process.

But whether you choose The Divorce Busting® Center for help in solving your relationship problems or not, you should definitely read the article posted on this website entitled "Choosing a Marital Therapist." It will guide you in your efforts to find the best help possible. Saving your marriage is the most important work you'll ever do.

Marriage-Enriching Books and Programs

The Divorce Busting® Online Store contains marriage-enriching books, CD's and DVD's created by Michele Weiner-Davis. Browse and shop for yourself or as a gift for a loved one experiencing a difficult time in his or her marriage.

Learn how to save a marriage. Call 1.800.664.2435.
Call: 800-664-2435 or 303-444-7004