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Divorce Busting® Sex Coach

Bring Back Your Passion with Divorce Busting® Coaching

"I never believed that my wife would finally understand my feelings about sex, but she does now, thanks to you."

"Thank you for confirming what I know I need to do to make it work, even when other opinions abound. I wish you many blessings…you certainly have been one to me."

"Thanks to my coach, I got the courage to approach my husband about our unsatisfying sexual relationship. I never thought I could get up the nerve to talk to him and I certainly never believed he would listen without getting defensive. But he did!! Thank you, so much.

Why call a Divorce Busting® Coach?

  1. Divorce Busting® coaches are marriage "die-hards."

    Some marriage therapists view differences in spouses as insurmountable obstacles. They even advise couples who are at odds to divorce. They might even tell you that since your sexual interests are so different, you are mismatched as partners.

    We are big believers in the sanctity of marriage. So, even though you and your spouse have different interests when it comes to sex, we don’t see that as an unsolvable problem. We help couples bridge their desire gap all the time. We are convinced that people and relationships can and do change. We know your marriage is worth working on.

  2. Divorce Busting® coaches believe in skill-building.

    In our view, most problems happen because people simply don't have the skills to find solutions and negotiate their differences. Divorce Busting® coaches teach people the skills they need to approach their spouses with fresh ideas to achieve more intimacy and sexuality in their marriages. Although passion feels magical, it isn't magic. Research has taught us a great deal about creating healthy, satisfying sexual relationships. Sustaining passion isn't a matter of luck. You've got to know how Divorce Busting® coaches know how. They've been helping people change their lives in positive ways for years. They have loving and passion-filled marriages of their own. They walk the talk and they can teach you how to do the same.

  3. Divorce Busting® coaches adhere to the principles in The Sex-Starved Marriage by Michele Weiner-Davis.

    If you're not familiar with this excellent book, you can start by reading the first chapter on this website. The Sex-Starved Marriage is divided into separate sections that clearly elucidate the perspectives of both the high and low desire spouse and offers pragmatic advice to help move you beyond your sexual stalemate.

  4. Your call to a Divorce Busting® coach is strictly confidential and very convenient.

    Picking up a phone can be a whole lot more comfortable and private than walking into an office building for a face-to-face appointment. This is especially true when discussing personal issues like sexuality. Plus, it's much more convenient too. You choose the time and date. You can be in your P.J.'s at home, in a dress or three piece suit at work, or you can even call from your cell phone when you're on the run. It's entirely up to you.

    If you want support, guidance and fresh ideas for boosting your marriage libido, call the Divorce Busting® Center at 800-664-2435 or 815-337-8000 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a coaching session work if my spouse won’t participate?

    Absolutely. It would be great if both spouses were equally committed to bridging the desire gap. But this is rarely the case. More often than not, one spouse is more interested in finding solutions to the desire gap than the other. But the good news is that we can help the more motivated spouse find effective ways of dealing with this difficult issue in marriage. Armed with a new plan and fresh ideas, one spouse can truly make a difference.

    If your spouse thinks the differences between you are your problem instead of a relationship problem, we can help you get through to him or her so that you can experience more physical closeness. If, on the other hand, you're the one who isn't interested in sex because of a variety of reasons, we can help you understand why you're feeling the way you are and what you can do about it to bring back your desire. In short, if your spouse isn't interested in participating in the search for solutions, don't let that slow you down. We will help you tip over the first domino in your marriage and an improved sex life soon will follow.

  • What will happen during a consultation?

    It's natural for you to have questions about your consultation, especially if you've never done this before. The coach will want to know about what you are hoping to accomplish by contacting him or her. In other words, before calling, you should give some thought to the questions, "What are my goals for the session,?" "What kind of help do I want from my coach?" And you should be specific. For example, instead of saying, "I want a better sex life," you might say something like, "My husband never seems to desire me anymore. I would like for him to initiate sex at least once a week." Or, "My wife tells me that she never wants to have sex because I'm angry all the time. No wonder I'm angry, we never have sex. I'd like for you to help me find ways to get through to her that I'm hurting in this marriage." You get the picture? The more clear you can be about the places you need help, the more help you'll get.

    On the other hand, we've been doing this long enough to know that sometimes, coming up with specific goals is difficult. Don't worry about it. If that's true for you, your coach will help you get a better handle on which aspects of your situation you should focus on first. Somewhere early in your conversation, you will want to give your coach a brief description of the problems you've been experiencing. Offer your coach highlights of events that have led up to your current sexual problems. Even though sex is a personal subject, your coach is experienced in dealing with sexual issues in marriage and you will feel very comfortable talking to him or her.

    Your coach will also want a description of what you've tried so far. You should be ready to talk about which of your efforts have paid off and which haven't. Once your coach has an understanding about your goals, the events leading up to your current situation, what you've tried in the past, it will be time to brainstorm new ideas, strategies and methods of approaching your situation and/or your spouse so that the two of you will have a better chance of boosting your marriage libido. Coaches often give "homework assignments" based on the ideas you discussed during the session.

    We know that when your spouse seems dead set against caring about your sexual needs it can be really stressful and when you're hurting, it's often hard to see solutions that might be right under your nose. We'll help you gain clarity on your situation and offer you suggestions about what to do next.

  • How do I schedule a session with a coach?

    You can schedule a telephone consultation by calling The Divorce Busting® Center at 800-664-2435 or 303-444-7004.

  • Do I call my coach or will my coach call me?

    You will be given your coach's telephone number so that you can contact him or her.

  • How often should I speak to my coach?

    Most people begin by scheduling three sessions with their coach. This enables them to set concrete goals, get specific advice about how to approach their spouses differently, receive helpful homework assignments and then check back two more times to discuss results and fine tune their plans. We advise you to allow enough time in between calls for you to implement the ideas and observe signs of change. You will really feel guided step-by-step through the passion-boosting process. After the initial sessions, it is common for people to sign up for additional sessions to keep the ball rolling.

    On the other hand, you may be more inclined to start by scheduling just one phone session. This is certainly a possibility.

  • Can I request a particular coach?


  • How long is the session?

    Your telephone session will last forty-five to fifty minutes.

  • When are your coaches available?

    Divorce Busting® coaches’ schedules vary. However, daytime, evening and weekend hours are available.

  • How much does it cost?

    One 45-50 minute coaching session costs $150. However, you can save $60 when you register for the three-session package. The cost for three sessions is $390. This is payable with a Visa or MasterCard at the time you schedule your initial consultation. Three sessions allow your coach to give you very specific "homework" tasks and opportunities for follow-up. Your coach will help you fine tune your approach until things are truly on track.

  • Is coaching covered by insurance?
    No. However, the cost of coaching remains extremely reasonable when you consider that you will probably require far fewer sessions than you would if you were to seek traditional counseling or sex therapy. People tell us all the time that they amazed by what they accomplished with just a few coaching sessions!

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Because your coach is reserving this time especially for you, we can not refund your money nor reschedule you phone consultation time. For this reason, make sure you are available during the time slot you choose when scheduling your appointment.

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